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Medical Rescue Sim Pro

The powerful, realistic and reliable ECG training software for EMTs and paramedics, nurses, doctors, emergency physicians and similar professionals. MRS Pro has been in continuous use with rescue services, paramedic schools and clinical training centers in 27 countries worldwide since 2017. This guarantees usability, stability and continuous development. The app-based system replaces costly simulation dolls and potentially dangerous defibrillators. Case studies gain considerable realism by practicing mimes.

Application example: The monitor app Medical Rescue Sim Pro is ideally installed on an iPad (new: M1/M2-Macs). It simulates an ECG with defibrillator and pacer, including measurement options for blood pressure, oxygen saturation and capnography. All basic functions are directly available within the program, the ECG rhythms and vital sign parameters can be changed in a wide range.

Medical Rescue Sim CTG

Cardiotocography simulation app with a display of the child’s heartbeat, contractions and the mother’s vital parameters. All values are variable over time and can be controlled remotely.

Medical Rescue Sim Clinic

Patient monitor simulation for training in-hospital processes in the emergency room or intensive care. With two simultaneous ECG leads, arterial pressure, oxygen saturation curve, capnography, non-invasive blood pressure measurement and body temperature.

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No update costs, no subscription fees, no in-app purchases!

NEW: Compatible with SimCPR® Pro Trainer (CPR feedback wristband)

MRS Pro & Clinic can now be paired with this device. CPR mode of the monitor apps is automatically activated and depth & speed of the compressions are transmitted. The remote apps show a detailled history of the chest compressions (CPR button).

SimCPR® Pro Trainer
CPR Feedback
ECG simulations software iOS Apple

Runs on iOS 12.0 devices (or newer) & Apple Silicon Macs (M1-M3 CPU)

Medical Rescue Sim utilizes the power of all popular iPads and iPhones based on iOS/iPadOS, the best and safest mobile operating system. Thus, there is a high compatibility with all available and future developed devices – like the brand new Macs with M1/M2/M3-CPU (Apple Silicon).