Medical Rescue Sim Pro

The professional training software for ambulance service and clinic

Powerful, realistic and reliable ECG simulation software for EMTs and paramedics, nurses, doctors, emergency physicians and more.

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App Tutorial MRS Pro 3.3

SD • HD • 4K

User Tutorial MRS Pro 1.3

English subtitles available

Intuitive User Interface

  • Stopwatch & realtime display
  • Display of simulator state of charge
  • Language switchable (german / english)
  • AED Mode with speech
  • Defibrillation & Cardioversion (5-360 joule)
  • Pacer simulation (external pacemaker)
  • ECG/pulse tone with saturation dependent pitch
  • CPR Metronome
  • Alarms (optical & acoustic) can be activated

12-Lead ECG (Wilson)

  • Display of 25 printouts in Cabrera or standard format
  • Display & print as 12-channel overview
  • Extremities & Chest Wall zoom

6-Lead Live-ECG (Goldberger)

  • Cabrera or standard display

Customizable Trend View

  • Trend view of all relevant vital parameters
  • continuous 8 minute recording/history
  • individual selectable for ECG, ART/NIBP, SpO₂ or etCO₂ (Live or Trend)


  • 30 realistic ECG rhythms selectable
  • variable heart rates with optional course
  • Automatic rhythm change after defibrillation / cardioversion / adjustable joule

Oxygen Saturation

  • Variable SpO₂ values (0-100%)
  • Automatic time course (30-240 seconds)
  • Selectable Perfusion Index (0-16%)


  • Variable etCO₂ values (0-80 mmHg)
  • Adjustable respiratory rate (0-100 / min)
  • Selectable etCO₂ curves (regular & obstructive)

Blood Pressure

  • Non-invasive or invasive measurement
  • Systole (variable from 0-240 mmHg)
  • Diastole (variable from 0-150 mmHg)
  • MAP (variable from 0-170 mmHg)
  • Automatic time course (0.5-16 minutes)
  • Realistic noise and time for oscillometric measurement

Alarm Limits

  • variable alarm limits
  • auto alarm limits (current vital parameters dependent)

Remote App (optional, recommended)

  • Medical Rescue Sim Remote available as an option
  • Remote control with second iOS device
  • With scenarios, documentation and CPR mode.
  • Our recommendation for optimal practical use

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