Medical Rescue Sim Remote

The remote control App for ECG simulator Medical Rescue Sim Pro

Note: Without the ECG Simulator App MRS Pro, this remote app is not useful.

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Instructor Tutorial MRS Remote 1.3

English subtitles available

Intuitive User Interface

  • Optimum control by mirroring the connected simulator (all buttons, settings, values, curves)
  • Direct variation of the most important vital parameters or targeted sending of prepared values
  • Available leads can be selected separately: Defibrillator pads / 6-channel / 12-channel
  • Stopwatch for trainers & realtime display
  • CPR mode (shows chest compression curve)
  • Display of charge state & signal strength of the simulator
  • Language switchable (german / english)


  • 30 realistic ECG rhythms selectable
  • variable heart rate with optional course
  • Automatic rhythm change after defibrillation / cardioversion / adjustable joule

Oxygen Saturation

  • Variable SpO₂ values (0-100%)
  • Automatic time course (30-240 seconds)
  • Selectable Perfusion Index (0-16%)


  • Variable etCO₂ values (0-80 mmHg)
  • Adjustable respiratory rate (0-100 / min)
  • Selectable etCO₂ curves (regular & obstructive)

Blood Pressure

  • Non-invasive or invasive measurement
  • Systole (variable from 0-240 mmHg)
  • Diastole (variable from 0-150 mmHg)
  • MAP (variable from 0-170 mmHg)
  • Automatic time course (0.5-16 minutes)


  • 14 practical presets
  • 16 user definable presets
  • Fast change of all vital signs


  • Record each user action with timestamp
  • insert comments
  • 9 shortcut comment keys
  • send text messages to monitor app
  • print to AirPrint devices
  • Traceability for debriefing and exam

Monitor App (additionally required)

  • Medical Rescue Sim Pro (additionally required)
  • made for iPad / iPad Pro / iPad mini (iPhone possible)
  • 6/12-lead ECG, blood oxygen saturation, capnography
  • Arterial or non-invasive blood pressure with interval mode
  • defibrillation & cardioversion, external pacing
  • adjustable alarm limits; pulse/ECG/CPR/alarm sounds

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