Medical Rescue Sim CTG

Cardiotocography training software for simulation centers & clinics

Realistic and reliable CTG simulation software for hospital staff, doctors, midwives, ambulance services and much more.

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App Tutorial MRS CTG 1.8

SD • HD • 4K

Intuitive User Interface

  • Realistic contraceptive graphic
  • Feed rate 5 mm,  1 cm or 3 cm / min.
  • CTG history of the past 30, 15 or 5 minutes
  • Optional negative display (light on dark)
  • Output on AirPrint printers possible
  • Acoustic heart tones can be activated
  • Alarms (optical & acoustic) can be activated and varied
  • Language switchable (German/English)

Fetal Heart Rate

  • Predefined or variable heart rates
  • Adjustable variability
  • Automatic changes over time


  • Various contraction curves can be selected
  • Different effects on the child’s heart rate in type and strength
  • Adjustable contraction distance
  • Strength of labor variable (mmHg)

Oxygen Saturation

  • Variable SpO₂ values ​​of the mother
  • Automatic time course

Pulse Rate

  • Variable heart rate values ​​of the mother
  • Automatic time course

Blood Pressure

  • Non-invasive measurement (NIBP)
  • Systole & diastole variable
  • Realistic: Noise & duration during the measurement

Alarm Limits

  • variable alarm limits
  • auto alarm limits (current vital parameters dependent)

CTG Remote App (optional, recommended)

  • Medical Rescue Sim CTG Remote available as an option
  • Remote control with second iOS device
  • With scenarios & documentation
  • Our recommendation for optimal practical use

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